Berkongsi lukisan yang sangat baik dari pelbagai pengangkutan di seluruh dunia
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The following terms and conditions apply to TransPNG websites and effect from now on.

Terdapat dalam bahasa Inggeris sahaja TransPNG CHINA TransPNG TAIWAN TransPNG UK TransPNG US TransPNG AUSTRALIA TransPNG JAPAN TransPNG MALAYSIA TransPNG FRANCE

1: "", "TransPNG CHINA", "TransPNG TAIWAN", "TransPNG UK", "TransPNG US", "TransPNG AUSTRALIA", "TransPNG JAPAN", "TransPNG MALAYSIA", and "TransPNG FRANCE" are the TransPNG Group drawings websites (our website);

2: Copyright of drawings and videos are owned by our website or the specified publishers;

3: Unauthorized secondary creations, repaint or production into other derivative works to drawings are prohibited;

4: Subscrib TransPNG Patreon Membership will authorize to use TransPNG drawings for journalistic or non-commercial purpose, serivce provided on "Pateron website" ;

5: If you intend to use the drawings and videos for commercial purposes, must be pre-authorized by our website, unauthorized usage will be required to bear legal responsibility;

6: If you got the written permit from our website or the publisher, you may exclude some of the terms of this article restrictions;

7: In addition to the above, video users are required to comply with the "YouTube" or "bilibili" requirements.

Creative Commons Licenses
Drawings and Videos by TransPNG is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.